Homepage Downtime

Hey, Gamers!

Sadly, finances have been a bit low of late and, with our landlord looking to sell our house, it has been decided that the Game Booth website had to offline temporarily (it was hosting fees renewal time).

I will still be updating this blog and be active on social media alongside Twitch and YouTube, so you don’t get rid of me that easily! It does mean, however, that the fancier design ideas I’ve had for an online presence have had to take a backseat. Also, because I am a genius, I forgot to make backup copies of the reviews that were already live on the website. As all of them aside from Sonic Forces were written on-the-fly, chances are good that I wont be able to recreate them if they are lost forever once I get the hosting sorted again.

For the time being, feel free to give me a boost and buy me a coffee to keep me going 🙂

As soon as we have a mortgage sorted on the place we’re in or a new house rented, rest assured that I’ll be getting the hosting sorted and back online!


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