The Great Game Sale

So, for those of you who follow my social media channels, it may have been noticed that I’m parting with a lot of my gaming collection. This is because I’m looking to clear off as much of our outstanding credit card as I can, to then go ahead with getting a mortgage on this house.

At time of writing, all the Master System, Mega Drive and SNES boxed and unboxed games that I have are already up for sale, alongside the XBox, PSP and most of my PSX collection.

If you’re interested in taking a look then clicking here is the best thing to do. Over the next few days, more will be listed (including a mostly complete set of Pokemon games) so if any of you fancy helping me keep my home, get looking and get buying 😉

The next update on the situation will either be a “Yay! We own our home!” or “No! We have to move!” post haha

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