Super Pixel Racers – Review Now Live!

Super Pixel Racers

Today, we’re gonna take a look at a little title I’ve had my eye on for a while.

It was developed by 21c Ducks and was published by PQube and H2 Interactive but, the main reason I wanted to get to grips with it is because it looked so much like Super Skidmarks, an isometric racer I enjoyed on the Amiga and Mega Drive back in my childhood.

The controls took a little getting to grips with, at first, and I found that if I switched the recommended Pointer system and tried to ignore that the game accelerated for me, it was easier to control, believing that the car simply followed my stick direction and that also counted as the gas pedal. From my experience there was little, if any, difference in the handling between the different cars too.

While you’re playing through and learning this control scheme, I’d recommend that the first thing you upgrade on your car be the durability, that way you’ve got less danger of blowing up when taking a corner wrong!

With the difficulty set to its lowest point (ideal for getting a good feel for the game without being thrashed), you’ll find that once you are in 1st place, the only way to lose is by crashing too much.

The art style is your standard pixellated fare, with everything being made of little coloured squares and having jagged edges which, for me, made me think it was actually more suited to a handheld screen than to someone sat within a couple of feet from a 32inch TV like I am..

The cars all look nice and blocky with a hint of the real-world vehicles about them. I’m pretty sure the F500 and Mouse class of vehicles are based off the Fiat 500 and Mini Cooper, respectively. I would have liked to have seen a bit more in the customisation options for the cars rather than just 4 or 5 set paint jobs for each, though.

Soundtrack-wise, the engines all sound about the same and after a while I started to think about lowering their volume as it was starting to get a little invasive over the music soundtrack. Which, by the way, is great!  I’m a big fan of energetic 16-bit stuff and the music in this is spot on!

A few other nice touches were the little emotes that would come off the other drivers when you would bump into them.. or ram them if you’re on a Takedown race or just a bit of a nutter. I also liked that whenever you bumped into the course-side barriers, the crowds would react with little exclamation bubbles above their heads.

Sadly, one spot where the game falls flat for me is the online portion. It might just be my poor luck at the time of day I tried it but I couldn’t get into an online game at all. That means you’ll have to find like-minded hunters on forums if you want to collect all the trophies, as one requires you win a race with  all 8 online players present. I suppose I would have had more luck if I’d reviewed closer to it’s release day of Oct 31st 2018 rather than waiting so many months to get into it.

Overall, it’s a fun little arcade racer that is definitely worth your time and is also one of the few games still coming out with a local multiplayer option. Definitely worth a pick up!

Check it out on SteamXbox One or PS4!

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