The NEW Plan!

Hey, Gamers!

A bit of an update on how I plan things to go, going forward!

1. Streaming & Pokemon Championships

So as some people may have noticed, I’ve moved my games streaming from Twitch/Mixer/YouTube to Facebook for the time being. It’s a test run for now, while I work on Pokemon Shield and aim to hit the Pokemon VGC World Championships and, if it gains traction, I’ll be staying over there for streaming. When I figure out how to download the HD video from Facebook of the stream, I will back them up to YouTube as I’ve done with others before. Before anyone suggests having my software record and stream at the same time, my 8 year old Mac can’t cope with that amount of processing in one go, sadly.

2. Review videos are still coming!

While, yes, a lot of my time now is going to be split between my day job, the Pokemon streams/tournament and home life I’m still going to be producing reviews for games when I can. This is going to be a slow upload schedule (hopefully not slower than it is already, given I’ve had review codes for some games for about a year now and not started them) but will now also be uploading to both YouTube and Facebook. Also, I will be slowly loading all my current YouTube stuff over to the Facebook page for multiple levels of availability.

3. An alteration to Patreon

I’ve spent a little time today rejigging my Patreon set-up for anyone that’s interested in supporting me monetarily. Obviously, the more support that I’m getting then the more I can try to keep ads out of what I do for you (although I feel some is out of my control, especially on Facebook or with YouTube copyright moves). You can check out the Patreon page and the new info on the link below.

Become a Patron!

4. The personal stuff

Anyone that knows me in person (or has seen me on camera) will know that I’m a bit of a big lad. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this is giving me some issues with my blood pressure. This was mainly brought to light when I had a kidney stone in December and, at one point my blood pressure was so high that the doctor thought I was at real risk of a stroke. As you can imagine, that was kind of scary (especially as there’s a history of strokes in my family). I’m medicated for now but, going forward, I’m going to be trying to focus more on my health. I’ve not exactly done a great job of looking after myself. Doctors, at the minute, have given me a small dose of medication to try and bring my blood pressure down while I look to lose some weight (and it seems to be working) but I’m mentioning this in case things medically get in the way of what I can put out there. Added to this is also the stress built up from the day job and the whole housing and money situation that went on before Xmas so, hopefully, as time goes on this should all settle nicely. Hell, if everyone that’s subbed to me on YouTube and liked my page on Facebook joined the Patreon that would be a great help haha


If you’re reading this, thank you for coping with that wall of text above. If you skipped to this line for the TLDR.. well.. I was tempted to deny you but here you go:

TLDR – Streams & videos moving more to Facebook, aiming for Pokemon competition glory, reviews are still a thing but really slow, I want your money as well as your views but I’m trying not to push it too much & alienate folks and lastly I’m going to try losing weight and stressing less before my blood pressure is a major issue.

A massive thanks to everyone for all their support so far and I hope I continue to keep you guys coming back for the future.

Look after yourselves!

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