Snakebyte slithers into the Next Generation

German peripheral manufacturer snakebyte have just released details of their upcoming next gen products for you Gamers to get your hands on very soon for your new consoles! Let’s have a look at what we have..

Nintendo Switch

Tight on space but with multiple controllers and JoyCon to charge? snakebyte have got you covered! Their two new charging stations are built to meet your needs! First off, we have the DUAL CHARGE:BASE S which not only has space to charge a Pro Controller and 2 JoyCons but there’s even a slot for the Switch Dock and a game holder that can handle up to 10 of your favourite games. This neat little package is all powered by the USB-C cable from the console and even has an integrated LED display to show your controller charge status.

Next on the list is the ARROW:CHARGE S which features an even more compact design and distinctive arrow design (where it gets its name). The ARROW:CHARGE S lets you restore power to one Pro Controller and up to four JoyCon at once! The dock comes with 5 LED status lights, 2 colours on each (charging and charged) and is powered by an included USB-C cable. With all controllers able to be charged at once, you’ll never have to wait long to get back into your favourite titles!

Feeling a bit more sporty? Well, snakebyte have got you covered there, too! Fans of the Ring Fit Adventures can now get their hands on new accessories to make life a little easier. The new RING:KIT S comes with two grey padded handles for the extra comfort when holding the ring and a black adjustable leg strap to ensure safe Ring Fit Adventures with your JoyCon. The leg strap is made of a robust material and can be continuously adjusted to leg circumferences of 30-60cm to adapt to the player.

XBox Series S/X

Make sure you’re perfectly equipped for your shiny new XBox with the snakebyte kit being released with the new system! Need a place to store your controllers and want to charge them at the same time? The new TWIN:CHARGE SX has got you! This two-controller cradle comes with additional 800mAh batteries and is designed to fit right in with your XBox console, with both black and white colour options (depending on which model Series you chose). You can charge two controllers at the same time and also has an LED display for monitoring whether your controllers are charging or good to go!

Still need more power for a longer session? There’s also the BATTERY:KIT SX for the controllers. These two 800mAh batteries come in black or white (to match your controllers) and can be charged at the same time using the included Y-shaped cable and offer up a guaranteed gaming time of up to four hours and can also be charged with the TWIN:CHARGE SX dock mentioned above!

We’ve covered battery power, but what about sound? You guessed it, snakebyte have a solution for that, too! Their new, foldable, HEAD:SET X comes with excellent sound quality, thanks to the 40mm drivers in the ear cups, features a removable microphone (with built-in pop protection) and a sleek black and green design to match the console. The 3.5mm jack connection also means that the headset is cross-compatible with other systems so you haven’t got to worry about using it with your older XBOne controllers or even other consoles! As an added bonus, you also get a separate holder with the headset to make storage easier!

PlayStation 5

Power up your PS5 on launch with specially made kit! Keep your DualSense controllers charged using the TWIN:CHARGE 5 cradle. Capable of powering up 2 controllers at once without the need of a dongle, the TWIN:CHARGE 5 comes in both black or white (the white being among my favourite items in this release, with how nicely it matches the console – GB) and has an LED display to let you know when your controllers are charged and ready to go!

When your pads are fully charged you can park up to 4 of them on the new GAMES:TOWER 5 which gives you an easy storage space for your controllers, accessories in the drawer and also slots for up to 10 games!

Need to keep in touch with your team? You’ll need a headset and mic then, right? Well, snakebyte have thought of that and are also releasing the HEAD:SET 5 too! You can expect great sound quality from the 40mm drivers, a removable microphone with built-in pop protection and comfy earcups from this newest release. Worried about connection or compatibility? Don’t be, the HEAD:SET 5 connects with a 3.5mm jack on a 1.2m cable so is easy to connect and is even cross-compatible with other systems!

Comfort Is Paramount

So you’ve got your shiny new console, you’ve got all the peripherals to get playing the games, you’ve got your TV. What about your comfort, though? Introducing the GAMING:CHAIR EVO! Made of high-quality vegan leather and available in 3 colours (blue, green or sleek black, which has contrasting white seams) the GAMING:CHAIR EVO has extra wide wings on the sides for shoulder support. There’s also a special cushion to stabilise and support your lower back. Padded armrests and the ability to adjust the back rest by 170° add to the comfort of your body while the 24-month guarantee add to the comfort of your mind. A maximum load capacity of 139kg (or 21.8 stone for older Brits like me – GB) make this a true competitor for your gaming comfort!

So, how does this all hit your wallet?

I’ve left this for the end as I know it’s a section a lot of people will wanna know once they’ve looked at all the goodies that are coming above. Thankfully, snakebyte kindly provided us with a price list of everything. Have a gander:

RING:KIT S£19.99
HEAD:SET X£17.99
HEAD:SET 5£17.99

So, as you can see, plenty of nice and shiny new kit to come!

Why not get in touch and let me know what you’re most interested in here?

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