Snakebyte slithers into the Next Generation

German peripheral manufacturer snakebyte have just released details of their upcoming next gen products for you Gamers to get your hands on very soon for your new consoles! Let’s have a look at what we have.. Nintendo Switch Tight on space but with multiple controllers and JoyCon to charge? snakebyte have got you covered! Their […]

Death Stranding – An Unpopular Opinion

So, for those of you that missed it, there was a new trailer released yesterday for Death Stranding showing off some gameplay footage alongside giving us the November 2019 release date. While this trailer looked really impressive, it has left a lot of people far more confused about what the story to the game will […]

Nintendo Switch Online – Pricing Revealed!

Calling all Nintendo Switch owners! Yesterday, Nintendo announced their plans for the paid subscription service for the online features of the Switch HERE to the public. Not only will this paid service allow players to continue playing great titles, like Splatoon 2, online together but it will also come with the added benefits of cloud […]

Newsbit 11/10/17

Hey, Gamers! I recently joined a website that provides me with press details for games so, going forward, I’ll aim to update you on a daily basis of some of the little gems that I’ve found in there. It may very well happen that you find something here that isn’t as largely promoted as elsewhere […]