Revolve8 – Initial Impressions

What happens when you cross some of the worlds most well-known fairy tales, Japanese anime character designs and a card-based tower defence game? Well, if your name is Sega, you release Revolve8 for Android and iOS. I was lucky enough to be offered early access to the game through a PR company working for Sega […]

Mini Review – Furmins – PS Vita

Furmins has been out for a few years, originally a mobile app and then moving onto the PS Vita. This year it was selected on PS+ as a freebie for May 2018. With it being free on the Plus subscription that I had just bought to give Overwatch a try, it would be rude not […]

Mini Review – DBZ Battle of Z

Game: Dragonball Z: Battle of Z Format played: PS Vita I’m going to start by saying that, as big a fan of DBZ as I am, I always find the games somewhat lacking in my personal opinion. I haven’t truly enjoyed one since the move to 3D movement after Budokai 3 (hence my excitement for […]