Revolve8 – Initial Impressions

What happens when you cross some of the worlds most well-known fairy tales, Japanese anime character designs and a card-based tower defence game? Well, if your name is Sega, you release Revolve8 for Android and iOS. I was lucky enough to be offered early access to the game through a PR company working for Sega […]

Mini Review – Furmins – PS Vita

Furmins has been out for a few years, originally a mobile app and then moving onto the PS Vita. This year it was selected on PS+ as a freebie for May 2018. With it being free on the Plus subscription that I had just bought to give Overwatch a try, it would be rude not […]

Newsbit 11/10/17

Hey, Gamers! I recently joined a website that provides me with press details for games so, going forward, I’ll aim to update you on a daily basis of some of the little gems that I’ve found in there. It may very well happen that you find something here that isn’t as largely promoted as elsewhere […]

Space Harrier II – SEGA Forever!

Hey, Gamers! Today marks another release in the line of Sega Forever mobile games for Android and iOS with Space Harrier II! This classic into-the-screen flying shooter now joins the other games of the Sega Forever catalogue on the marketplace and app store from today as an ad-supported free-to-play game or for purchase on your […]

Golden Axe Returns! – SEGA Forever!

Hey Gamers! Today Golden Axe joins the games that make up the new Sega Forever line-up for mobile gaming! Take on Death Adder once again but this time you can do it on your own terms, wherever and whenever you want. As one of the most popular titles from the days of the Mega Drive, […]

War of Crown released today!

Great news for fans of mobile gaming and RPGs! Gamevil today released their new game, War of Crown for Android and iOS devices. The game features some very nice anime-styled art, PVP options and a lot of customisation. I haven’t had a chance to get my grubby mitts on it yet (I’ve been setting up […]