Newsbit 11/10/17

Hey, Gamers! I recently joined a website that provides me with press details for games so, going forward, I’ll aim to update you on a daily basis of some of the little gems that I’ve found in there. It may very well happen that you find something here that isn’t as largely promoted as elsewhere […]

Project Remedium Out Now!

Hey, Gamers! Just a quick update for those of you looking for something a little different on Steam at the moment. Developer Atomic Jelly and the publisher Movie Games have yesterday released their new game Project Remedium! In this new FPS game you play as a Nano+, which is a type of nanobot, and go […]

New PSN profile 

Hey, Gamers! Today I finally bit the bullet and set up a new PSN profile (as you can’t change your online ID like you can with Xbox) to start using more often. I won’t be able to free online multilayer with fans for a while because, at the moment, I can’t afford to pay for […]