Another Anniversary, Another Failure?

It’s 30 years this year since we first got Sonic the Hedgehog added to the pop culture of the world and today SEGA have proven again how lacklustre they can be when celebrating their flagship blue blur.  The 30th live stream presentation today started off by telling us about the upcoming Sonic Symphony virtual event […]

Revolve8 – Initial Impressions

What happens when you cross some of the worlds most well-known fairy tales, Japanese anime character designs and a card-based tower defence game? Well, if your name is Sega, you release Revolve8 for Android and iOS. I was lucky enough to be offered early access to the game through a PR company working for Sega […]

Newsbit 09/12/17

Hey, Gamers! Here we are with the newly changed weekly Newsbit for you, covering the stuff that’s really caught my eye from 4th Dec up to today. To begin with, from Monday, Attack On Titan 2 now has a new trailer showing off new characters and features while we were also given a release date […]

Newsbit 21/11/17

Today, the third episode of Batman: The Enemy Within has now slipped stealthily on to all platforms from Telltale Games. Continue the story, now! The latest Final Fantasy XV news is that they have now released a brand-new virtual reality experience for PlayStation VR. The Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV is available now […]

Newsbit 10/11/17

Hey, Gamers! Has everyone seen the latest reveal for Fighter Pack 3 of Injustice 2 yet? The reveal trailer showcases who the final characters to join the fighting franchise are.  We see Atom, Enchantress and, those heroes in the half-shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I especially like the touches of the reveal with Raph […]

Newsbit 08/11/17

As mobile licensed titles join the home console and PC brethren in the annual update arena, Konami have today announced the release of PES 2018 Mobile for your favourite Android and iOS devices. David Beckham has joined the ranks of the games’ Legends. Konami has also introduced a newly added ‘Friend’ feature. By registering their friends […]

Newsbit 07/11/17

Happy Tuesday, Gamers! We’ve been granted rights to reproduce the UK sales charts so from next week onward, expect to see a chart list on here and also a weekly chart video over on the Game Booth YouTube channel too! Fans of titles like Streets of Rage, Final Fight and Double Dragon were treated to […]

Newsbit 06/11/17

First of all, I had planned on a post highlighting the UK app charts today (the eagle-eyed follower may even have seen it initially go live) but, as it turns out, WordPress’ free plan doesn’t allow the iframe HTML tag so that had to be canned for now until I can afford the price of […]

Newsbit 02/11/17

Hey, Gamers! The latest instalment of the Pokémon franchise creeps ever closer to it’s Nov 17th release date and today we have seen the reveal of Team Rainbow Rocket for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! These guys are, once again, being run by Giovanni as Team Rocket was in the Kanto Region. The difference here is […]