Locked down UK Student? Win a PS5!

With students in lockdown for the foreseeable future, they need money, food, supplies and things to do with their spare time. Enter PlayerLands – the way to make money using nothing but your computer.


If you’re bored during Uni lockdown and have a computer, you could win a PlayStation 5 and TV by signing up with PlayerLands, a service that lets you make money from Minecraft and other PC server games. If you’ve already got a Minecraft server, setting up a PlayerLands store is super simple. Don’t have a Minecraft server? No problem! Setting one up is easy, just use our quick set up guide, and you can have yours up and running today. Once your server is linked to your PlayerLands store, you’ll automatically be entered for the prize draw. Plus, the good news is for every item your store sells you’ll get another entry free.


Any UK student with a Minecraft PC game server that links it to a PlayerLands store between now and the end of lockdown will be entered into a prize draw to win a brand new PlayStation 5 and wide screen Sony TV. Once you’ve entered, just share on one of your social channels…

• On Twitter tagging @PlayerLands and #PlayerLands.
• On Instagram tagging @PlayerLandsOfficial and #PlayerLands.
• Or on Facebook tagging @PlayerLandsOfficial and #PlayerLands

PlayerLands will then DM you to add ten extra entries to the prize drawer.


Go to PlayerLands.com/ps5
Sign up using the promo code UNIPS5
Set up a PlayerLands store
Link it to your Minecraft server
Sell through your store to get an extra free entry for every item you sell

If you don’t have a Minecraft server, it only take a few minutes to set one up. If you need a hand, check out our simple guides at PlayerLands.com/help-centre

When & Where

Until December 31st. Nationwide – UK.

Check it out here!

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