Revolve8 – Initial Impressions

What happens when you cross some of the worlds most well-known fairy tales, Japanese anime character designs and a card-based tower defence game? Well, if your name is Sega, you release Revolve8 for Android and iOS.

I was lucky enough to be offered early access to the game through a PR company working for Sega and, although I don’t normally bother with mobile gaming, this one piqued my interest. Primarily as the Sega name was attached and my inner child still wishes that they were in the console war!

I downloaded the game onto my Samsung Galaxy S9+ as I was given the Android version of the game. Upon installing it and opening it (and setting the game to record for the below video footage) I was greeted by that familiar white-outlined blue text and then a loading splash with a cluster of characters on it. Then the music kicks in and the game is ready to be played.

The whole story of the game is set in a world where fairy tales such as Cinderella and Peter Pan are real. When a story is more popular in our reality, the reality in the game world is affected. I don’t think this is literal, but it makes a nice framing device for the story. When you first start out, the last big contest for supremacy was won by Peter Pan, so Neverland is now the predominant place in the world, where all others are relegated to smaller zones. The art of Koji Igarashi, designer of the characters, is very impressive.  Characters with a more Western origin now have been reimagined to fit in with a more Japanese-styled art style for the game. They also have interesting new character perks to put them more in line with the world today, such as Red Riding Hood being a social media starlet.

The music and sounds fits in nicely with the scenario of the title, with story intro music being very orchestral and whimsical while combat music has more of a bite to it. The main menu theme of the game put me in mind of a piece of music from an old racing game I used to play. I’m sure it was a Need For Speed title. If you can think of the one I mean, feel free to get in touch!

In the case of the gameplay, I didn’t have massive amounts to compare it to, myself. As I was running the tutorials and having the occasional battle online, I felt like I was playing a reskin of South Park Phone Destroyer (one of the few card-based strategy titles I have played on my phone) and, from looking at other reviews on the Play Store, it seems the most common comparison is drawn to Clash Royale. I enjoyed what I played but it fell into the same trap as most multiplayer-focussed Free To Play games. I wanted to enjoy the story more than play online and, just like with Phone Destroyer, you get to a point where you have to play against other people to progress in the single-player story. This irked me somewhat as, being someone who begrudges spending lots on microtransactions, I was constantly getting outclassed by my opponents.

Don’t get me wrong, the matchmaking system in the game does its best to make things fair but I found I was either bested by someone with more experience, better tactics, or a larger wallet.

It’s definitely worth a look, if only for artwork on the character designs and to see the hero characters’ SP moves in action. The few that I saw were quite impressive indeed. I’m still sometimes surprised by what developers are able to pull off on mobile devices, despite knowing what specs that I’ve got sandwiched between those two sheets of glass.

Overall I found the game fun but challenging and would love them to remove the League requirements from the story chapters so that I could see everything pan out without having to be beaten by other players 3 out of 5 games.

Revolve8 was released worldwide Feb 5 2019 and you can pick it up on Android or iOS right now!

● Gripping characters created by Koji Igarashi – Characters from well-known fairy tales are reimagined in a unique way by Koji Igarashi. For example, Red Riding Hood is a fashion and social media fanatic while Cinderella is a motorcycle-loving pop star, and many more!
● Strategically deep, real-time duels – Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your cards, which are classified into Heroes, Minions, Buildings, and Magic. Strategize wisely to win!
● Guide your strategy with 3 deck types – When you build a deck, the game will automatically classify it as one of three deck types to help you guide your strategy.
Assault Decks: Lets you go deep into enemy lines
Siege Decks: Focuses on long-range attacks
Counter Decks: Looks for opportunities to counterattack
● Lead your team to victory with 2 skill types – Each Hero has a Normal Skill and a Special Skill. Special Skills can only be used once in a match by the deck leader, while Normal Skills can be used every 30 seconds by any of the Heroes in the deck. When used correctly, these skills can potentially turn the battle around.
● Emerge victorious and climb to a higher League – Participate in League Matches, which involve real-time battles against players from around the world!
● Learn the basics with Quests – Clear single-player quests to pick up the basics of battle and understand the strengths and weaknesses of each Hero.

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